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Fleet Safety

The benefits of adding dash cameras including driver monitoring AI or GPS tracking devices are endless. Typically you will see an insurance savings and with the help of video event recorders your company can prevent accident fraud, help with undisciplined drivers, and continuous coaching for training drivers.

The US national highway reports an average of 38k deaths per year and trucking accident lawsuits ranging from 2 million to 80 million per settlement. Installing a video event recorder can cut a driver’s collision rate by 50%. Saving businesses money, time, and legal cost. While keeping your vehicles on the road where they belong instead of the repair shop.​


Our Services

Our services are 100% mobile making it easy for scheduling and convenience on your time. Whether your fleet consist of a couple of vehicles or hundred's of vehicles we can protect your assets.

We have over 12 years of experience in the industrial and use our own in house manufactured connectors made right here in the USA! This allows the installation to not void your vehicle warranty and be of the highest quality. Please contact us for a full list of our services and for more information.


Dash Camera /
Event Recorder

Forward and in cab AI facing cameras.


GPS Tracking / Telematics

Telematics device with Y cable at diagnostic port or 3 wire hardwired.


ELD ( Electronic Log Device )

Full Electronic log book installations including ram mounts for tablets.


Fleet Truck Washing

Exterior fleet washing with optional engine bay washing.


Equipment Lighting

LED strobe lighting for light duty and construction equipment

Fleet products and partners we specialize in...

Please contact us for a full list of products we specialize in and for more information.

- Azuga

- Netradyne

- Blackvue

- Peoplenet


- Rosco Vision

- Geotab

- RVS backup cameras

- Holman ARI

- Samsara

- Lytx

- Smartdrive

- Motive (Formerly Keep Trucking)

- Verizon Connect